Dream Again…

Pastor Nimmy Henry

The last two years have been more than challenging.

Pain can keep the real you down. It did it to me. The pain made me shut down. It silenced me. But God reminded me today “Dream Again”

It’s a scary thing to know that God’s dreams for you can go unfulfilled if you choose so. You can sit still and let life pass by, or you can pick up your sword and fight the good fight.

This day I said I will dream again.

The life of Elijah has been speaking to me more and more these past two years. In him I see a promise and purpose for his life, and in him I also see pain silencing the dream.

Pain that made him give up half way through.

Three years he lived, first by the brook Cherith until it dried up, then by the meagre savings of a widow.

What if he gave up when the brook dried up? What if he gave up when the rain didn’t come? Three years is a long time to live through a famine, but in the end, God used those three years to make it known to the whole nation that He is God in Israel (1 Kings 18:36).

Let not pain keep you down. Let not disappointment keep you from the continuing the journey. Let not the devil steal, kill and destroy your destiny.

Dream again.

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