Pursue Your healing

Prophet Chethan Henry

Mark 3:10 NKJV – For He healed many, so that as many as had afflictions pressed about Him to touch Him.

Jesus healed those who reached out and pressed into Him for their healing!

The leper, the women with the issue of blood and blind Bartimaeus. They recognised that the Lord was willing, compassionate and ready to heal them.

Healing can be pursued and must be pursued. We need to recognise the physical need and pray and seek the power of the Holy Spirit to heal us. Knowing it’s not our power, it’s the Lord’s virtue. It’s God’s goodness that flows from the Lord Himself! So, if you know the Lord and you are His son or daughter then healing is the children’s bread (yours). It belongs to you and me. We need to receive it and walk in it. We don’t have to attain it with our mental ability or stress, we just go to the Lord and receive it from Him, our maker! Knowing He is willing and it is His desire to make us whole. This is the basis on which we begin to pursue the Lord, knowing that He wants us to be healed and made whole.

Jesus’s death on the cross and the gospel that we preach is not to enjoy benefits after a while or after we have gone to heaven. It’s here and now! Jesus died so that you and I can enjoy all the benefits His blood bought us now on earth. Don’t let another day pass by thinking it’s all for the future. Faith in the gospel is for the manifested things of God for now. Because Jesus is alive and the Holy Spirit is with us now. You can have your healing!

So let’s ask and pursue the Lord by knowing it’s your birthright and it’s what Jesus bought on the Cross for us. As a son and daughter of God, we need to pursue it. Believing in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross, that He has already qualified us and it’s not by our own merits but by His mercy and goodness on the cross!

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