Our Heart Matters!

Prophet Chethan Henry

Your heart defines you and your walk with God!

For God, ministry and power doesn’t matter. God is moved when our hearts move for Him and for His people! We are in a very tricky place when meetings, healing and miracles move us more than God Himself.

The last three weeks, we witnessed 16 blinds eyes open, 12 deaf ears open, the lame walking, the handicapped made whole and many other healings of incurable diseases.

While I was pondering over these and when I was talking to my spiritual Mentor (Rev. Shyju Mathew). He said, “Son, disconnect from all these miracles. Don’t dwell on them, they have nothing to do with you! He said, fix your eyes on Jesus and continue to pursue Him and your best is yet to come!”

Beloved, that’s when I began to think of what really matters to God.

The answer came so quickly. The Holy Spirit said: your heart My son! When, what moves God’s heart begins to move us: things change, ministry changes, life’s view and perspective change! Ultimately at the close of this age, God is looking for hearts, which are sold out for Jesus. It is in our hearts beloved, where the Holy Spirit loves to dwell. Our hearts are the holy altars where His fire burns! The Holy Spirit doesn’t dwell in our reputation; nor does He dwell with us dependent on if we have huge meetings and crowd followings. He dwells with a humble, broken and contrite heart.

God is looking for yielded hearts; who are dependent on Him every moment, who will say yes to Him with all of their being! Are you yielded to Him? Have you left your rebellion behind and dealt with your heart condition? It is time we do! Our heart matters. In this life’s journey each day we are getting closer to eternity, let’s get our hearts ready for eternity!

Much love and prayers, I would love to hear from you! Jesus loves you!

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