When You Want to Throw in the Towel

Pastor Nimmy Henry

I reached an Elijah point today. No, not the fire from heaven, the chapter after that. Where he sat and told God I don’t think I can handle it God. I told God this morning: This is way too hard God. I think I need some faith infused into me cause I feel dry. When people are dehydrated they need IV fluids STAT! And I needed some strength infused STAT! That’s when I read about Elijah.

And I learned when he was down to his last drop of strength God sent an angel to give him some food and water. Strength enough to make it to the Mountain of God. There God met him and loved him and spoke to him. And gave him a miracle in an unexpected way, in a still small voice.

God met me today when I had reached my last drop. He didn’t let me go. And He won’t let you go. He will meet you. Because you are His child.

Though a mother forsake her nursing child He will never forget you (Isaiah 49:15).

He will give you the miracle you need. He will come as the still small voice and surprise you.

Hold on till then!

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