Chethan Henry

Prophet Chethan had an encounter with the Lord Jesus at the age of 14 in a very crucial stage of his life. This steered him in a new direction to pursue the Voice of God and walk with Him. This has only exponentially increased over the years.

In the year 2006, he had a visitation from the Lord during which time he received instruction concerning the calling over his life. Since then, his ministry carries on it a mark of stirring up the prophetic and equipping the Church to hear the voice of God afresh. Making the supernatural a reality for today is at the core of His ministry.

Before moving to America, he and his wife planted a church in Bangalore, India under the guidance of their spiritual father. They are now sent to America to stir up revival fires under the Revive Nations mantle and covering.

Pastor Chethan Henry & Nimmy Henry

Pastor Chethan met Nimmy in a divine setting. After hearing from God, they got married in the year 2011.

Dr. Nimmy Henry is a passionate lover of God with a multifaceted reach to the body of Christ in sharing her heart through preaching the Word, blogs and counselling. She is also a board certified Family Physician and Geriatrician practicing in the Chicagoland area with a passion to bring the love of Jesus every where she goes.


Prophets Shyju & Tiny

In 2009, Chethan encountered his spiritual DNA by coming under the covering of his spiritual father Prophet Shyju Mathew  founder of Revive Nations. They are very grateful to God in His mercy for giving them a father such as him in the spirit, to guide this ministry.

Revive Nations is led by Prophets Shyju and Tiny Mathew. With offices in Montreal and India, the ministry has reached multitudes with the love of Jesus and the power of the Gospel all over the world for the last 25 years. Many thousands have been healed, saved, and blessed across Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and North America. God has been faithful to confirm His Word with His outstretched arm.


“The revelations that you live upon (application) shall become your reality”.

“My greatest breakthrough came in finding my identity in sonship and covering and flowing through the grace connected through the cornerstone”


Prophet Chethan Henry

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